Tangents Art
Rosenbaum was born at an early age and took to drawing soon after. At the age of four, when asked by his mother what he wanted to be, he said, “Either an artist or an elephant.” The elephant thing didn’t pan out, so an artist it was. After years of drawing and growing up, he went to art school, worked in the world of business doing graphic design and web and interactive design.  Finally coming back to his roots, doing fun illustration. He wrote and illustrated a graphic novel for children called “Radar, the Scent of a Feline” about a dog detective on the case of missing cats. He also wrote a children’s book based on the Tortoise and the Hare but with a zombie and a vampire called “the ZomB and the VampR.” He also goes to comic cons and horror shows to sell these books and a number of whimsical prints.

I had wanted to do some original or non-fan art. I liked the idea of the classic movie poster and making it my own.
Axe Girlfriend
This was a typical slasher horror movie prequel to the Axe Wife series.

The Cutie and the Creature
Playing off the innocent creature being persecuted just because he looks scary, I drew the main image with a “Has someone lost a girl?” look in his eyes.

Damned Beaver
Based off of those campy teen movies where something goes bad.  Basically a possessed beaver could ruin any teenage fun.

A fun play on a swarm, but it’s humans that are the pests.

“Grand Ole Gang”
by Jonathan Rosenbaum